Water obsession support group forming now!

face in the water by bitterjug on flickrWater, water everywhere… consuming your thoughts and dreams, driving your actions and decisions. Dictating your choice of friends, how you spend your time, your money, your goodwill. You have water on the brain, and you may have gone off the deep end, figuratively speaking. You, yes YOU, may be obsessed with water!

Over at ValleyCresttakeson.com (the blog and news arm of Valley Crest Landscape Companies) writer Martha Golea serves up the amusing article, Are You Obsessed with Water Management? After reading Martha’s post I can safely say, “We’ll be right at home in this newly-proposed water-crazies group!” In fact, Martha, in this this high-stakes water obsession game we at ThirstyInSuburbia will call your obsession and raise you one!

From the original ValleyCrestTakesOn.com post Are you Obsessed?Uber-obsessed ThirstyInSuburbia
You knock on the bathroom door to remind your guest not to flush unless necessaryWe like to have a framed cross-stitch in the john reading "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down." Then we give guests their own as a take-home party favor.
You bathe your dog with your childrenWe "bathe" our young uns with dogs (and cats). Also: since any contact with a swimming hole and/or pool counts as a bath, kids needn't see a shower or tub at all during the summer.
You use water from soaking veggies to fill your kiddie poolSee above: No bath necessary AND vitamin runoff, double good!
You only wash your hair when it rains (not applicable in desert climates…hopefully)We don't wash our hair because we're lazy and oversleep, but we justify it due to lack of rain. (This works well for hair-dryer-avoiding energy obsessions, too.)
You’re a big supporter of wastewater recycling and the term “toilet to tap” doesn’t even gross you outWe're even fond of the term "sewer mining." Cute!
You know who Patricia Mulroy is and maybe even have a picture of her on your deskWe've seen the picture but we think the book the book is better!

This got me thinking.

More signs of dangerous water obsession!
You paid $10 apiece for a trunk-load of ugly, brown dormant stalks because they were "recommended for rain gardens."
You plug all the data from your water bill into a increasingly complex spreadsheet, month after month.
You search and strain to spot water treatment facilities from airplanes...and joyfully point them out to your seat-mate if you do.
You have a green wall system...outside AND inside your house.
You put wire, bricks and stones into your toilet tanks.
You watch suspiciously through your curtains if a neighbor is carrying anything too close to a stormwater drain.
At least once a day, you stop, stare, and announce to all present, "LISTEN! Do you hear water running?"
You spend hours of your leisure time writing an obscure blog about water!

Photo: Face in the Water by Bitterjug on Flickr

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  1. Martha Golea
    Martha Golea says:

    Wow, you are incredibly hardcore! Your additions blew my mind. So should this support group meet in your basement or mine? I’m on a baking kick lately…just sayin’.
    PS- I love that there’s an illustrated book about Pat Mulroy; I had no idea. Christmas list!

  2. @h2oMatters
    @h2oMatters says:

    This was a comment from a LinkedIn group where Martha’s article was posted.

    “I’m an efficiencyholic. But please don’t try to put me in a 12-step program. I LIKE being that way 🙂 ”

    I thought it was apropos for your article which I found very entertaining. As a result you are now the recipient of a Tweet, a share on Facebook and a new subscriber.

    Continue to keep the water conversation fun!

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