World’s Best Swimming Pool for Dry Climates

Now this is a sweet swimming pool for a parched landscape because it uses absolutely no water at all! In fact, it’s a dreamy, creative illusion!

Virginia-based master gardener and talented painter Patty Butters created this trompe l’oeil panorama on top of an existing concrete pad that had seen better days. Nice touch, too, with the inflatable chaises, where guests can relax and float away on a fantasy. I’m sorry that my photos don’t do justice to the “pool’s” realism…during my visit to her wonderful garden, I did not realize the pool was an illusion until I was about 8 feet from its “edge.”  How cool..conceptually-speaking!

trompe loeil painted swimming pool

trompe loiel swimming pool

Trompe loeil painted swimming pool

trompe loeil painted swimming pool

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  1. teresina lopez- searle
    teresina lopez- searle says:

    Hi aunt patty i love this pool i saw the pictures you took of grandma phillis on it lol well i miss you && love you hope to see you soon xoxo.. my fiance really likes your art.. love always sina

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