h2o mp3: Afraid of Water – Uranium Lake

Have you ever witnessed the sheer terror that envelopes a person as they anxiously declare, “I’M AFRAID OF WATER!” Of course you have, and that’s why “afraid of water” is such a visceral allegorical phrase to express unreasonable, overwhelming fear. This track cleverly employs the phrase to express an aversion people and social situations.

This alt-pop group from Northwich/Manchester, UK has that jangly Brit sound that I love and it’s ready to roll on on my weekend playlist!

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Download Afraid of Water – Uranium Lake

WOW, and thanks! This band generously offers a free download of this and other tracks via their MySpace Music page. So, sample more of their work and don’t forget to say thanks!

Lyrics (My transcription, so no guarantees!)

Don’t push me , No, cos I’m not ready

I’ll spend money if I want to, and I’ll sit home if I want to

Sit this one out, Sit this one out, Sit this one out, Sit this one out

until the next one

When the next one comes, I’ll see friends if I want to

that’s if I have friends anymore, they’re not so shallow

all so shallow, all so shallow, all so shallow, all so shallow

So I’ll talk to myself, it’s only way I, the only way to be sure

those whose conversations, don’t push me, no

cos I’m not ready, ? ? ?

don’t push me, no, i really don’t think you ought to, don’t push

I’m afraid of water, I’m afraid of water, I’m afraid of water

I’m afraid of the water

Math: Like Watching Water Drip

Here’s a good example of why I never did well in math coursework! This is just one video submitted for the Math Awareness Project. At nearly nine minutes, it is the abbreviated version! As the tantalizing introduction states, the video will take us along on a Math adventure in which,

“I’m going to count water dripping from my kitchen tap. When I’m through counting 1,000 drops I’ll measure it to see what quantity 1,000 drops is.”

At mathawareness.org, we learn that the collaborative project intends to count to 1 Million and,

The purpose of this project is to bring ‘math awareness’ to the general public of the United States and to increase the number of our next generation of college students, grades K-12, majoring in the STEM sciences (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Good Job! This project should easily weed out any intellectual weaklings who lack unnatural focus or unreasonable perseverance!

10 More Weird Water Items for Sale on Ebay

The Thirsty in Suburbia Super Water Flea returns! Following are 10 more hand-picked examples of rare, unusual and weird water-related merch just waiting for your winning bid. (The Sept. 2009 edition is here.)

1. You always knew water tended to be political so how about this one that’s “the right drink for the conservative taste”? This “Goldwater” can was made during  the 1960s Barry Goldwater U.S. presidential campaign. The seller notes, “the can has some rust on it.” Currently, one bidder with $2.00 on the board.

2. This represents “the greatest sensational mystery ever attempted in this or any other age.” Just try finding that someplace else for under twenty bucks. The Houdini In the Water-Filled Torture Cell poster is available at the Buy-It-Now price of $16.98.

3. With a little lovin’ care, this Halsey Taylor vintage water fountain could be the centerpiece of your properly sustainable mid-century modern hipster hangout. It is sold “As Is” and there are no returns! You can Buy it Now for just $44.98, but don’t overlook the $79.98 shipping charges. But who can put a price on Cool, really?

4. Get rich quick! Did you know making money with bottled water is as easy as filling in the blanks? The description for the Bottled Water Company Business Plant bundle notes “Stop struggling to write your business plan by using the professionally prewritten sample Bottled Water Company business plan included in the Bottled Water Company Business Plan Bundle…” Just $39.95 with a “30 day money-back guarantee.”

5. As crazy as things are getting out in the Wild Water West, who knows, this could be worth something someday!

This is a common stock certificate from the Southern California Water Company issued August 12, 1952 to one “Stirling, Morris and Bousman.” Even if it is worthless, the nice engraving of pipes and tanks will surely console the buyer. Maybe you? It’s a low risk at Just $8.29 and impulse shoppers, it’s “Buy It Now!”

6. While this is a classic gag, you DO need special supplies, and here they are! The New colored Tap Water Prank Gag Practical Joke is yours for 99 cents and $1.95 shipping. A cheap thrill! Just “insert one of four colored tablets into your faucet stem and watch as the water gets UGLY. Comes with 3 colored tablets and spring.” When April 1st rolls around you’re going to wish you’d jumped on this one, so plan ahead now!

7. Speaking of planning ahead, here’s your Halloween ace in the hole! Check out the HOT price ($258) on this Water Droplet costume. (Last Halloween, we priced a similar one for $1,279 and it didn’t even have awesome googly eyes like this one does! The seller notes that this giant water drop has a POLYFOAM head, which is important because,

“We use the advanced machine to manufacture POLYFOAM head, it is only one piece, it is stronger and enough hard to avoid to break when it meet strike accidentally, User head can be protected very well, but paperboard or foam head was produced by different  paperboard or foam pieces, they was usually agglutinated by the bad gluewater, this kind of head is not very firm, and very easily to turn into fragment, At the same time, the gluewater do harm to the User, It makes the User headache or feel unhappy.”

8. Get back to nature and start livin’ off the land with this old timey Rare Crank Water Pump, SBP St. Louis. The seller says it is in “very good condition, the crank turns freely & turns a chain with small tin cups to lift water up.” So if you’re dreaming of getting off the water grid, this could help you git yer groundwater on…err, up. The starting bid is $699 but the shipping is “free.”

9. Another item for those suffering an unusual obsession with vintage pumps. As if the internet’s not bad enough, this DVD covers Myers Vintage Water Pumps Catalogs from 1905 -1940. F.E. Myers Pumps was established in 1870 and the Myers’ brothers developed the first double acting hand pump. The DVD reproduces 7 vintage catalogs, featuring a huge treasury of information and illustrations for all types of water pumps, windmills, etc for home, farm and commercial use.

10. This is a new copy of a vintage Water Hazard golf sign. It measures 6″ x 12″ and it all-weather metal. Of course you don’t have to use this for something golf-related. Use your imagination, you can come up with something inventive, can’t you? It is listed with a starting bid of $4.99 with $4.95 for shipping.

Speaking the Universal Language of Cute

These spots from Nickelodeon Latin American are meant to teach kids “green” behaviors, but people of all ages can certainly delight in their irresistible cuteness. Sadly, I happen to know that people of all ages can learn a few tips from the not-so-elementary lessons!

Little green box-guy “Verdito” was created as a companion to “Cubit,” who’s the little orange box-guy mascot of Nick Latin America. I love these spots because they’re so simple, funny and appealing that we don’t notice any age, language or cultural barriers. Just the message. So listen up.

This spot promotes last October’s Global Handwashing Day:

h2o mp3: A Pipe Dream and a Promise – Finale

Such drama these past weeks for Las Vegas water watchers!* But what’s a good drama without a driving soundtrack?

It will surely be soon that we see the straight-to-DVD epic Mulroy’s List. Or better yet…the new reality series on Bravo, Launch my (Pipe)Line! Either way, we propose backing it with this 2009 track by Detroit rapper Finale, A Pipe Dream and a Promise.


My mother, my grandma, my grandfather
My brother, my sister, my girl
landlord, the bands and my compadres,
I promised the world the world that.
You only come up short (?) ere’time

My chase ain’t over, no,
I can’t take over, no,
I owe ya
Though I know it in my soul I’m not the only one I should owe,
You matter.
Rapper, that’s the ‘proach you go killin’ one on one for.

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Download A Pipe Dream and a Promise – Finale
Low-fi 64kbps file for sampling.
Like it? Support the people who make music.on Buy this track at Amazon.com.

*For the best-of-the-best reading on the unfolding drama surrounding Las Vegas water, see: Emily Green at Chance of Rain, Waterwired, Aquafornia, and Circle of Blue.

I Put A Spell On You! This Water Drop is Carved in Stone

You might wear your heart on your sleeve, but I’m going to wear my water drop on my neck! Check out this unique charm, given to me by my daughter.

It is a blue chalcedony, a mineral sometimes associated with the water element. To those who believe in the mysterious power of crystals, this one is power-packed with some good vibes including (according to dkwcrystals.talktalk.net:

A Creative Stone. Thought to alleviate hostilities, irritability and melancholy. Helping to create and enhance generosity, responsiveness and receptivity. Also said to help open the mind to assimilate new ideas and acceptance of new situations.

So if you see me wearing this, take advantage of the fact that I’ll likely be in a great mood and primed for donations or investments, no matter how hare-brained the the idea or cause might be! (Hmmm, maybe the daughter has some hidden agenda here!)

Pet Poop Risk Assessment. Seriously.

Pet poop pollutes! So it makes sense that there have been increased efforts of late to educate the public on BMPPPs (Best Management Pet Poop Practices.)

Some campaigns are creative, some are forgettable, but this one is just unbelievable!  Courtesy of Cooperative Extension Service, College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources, University of Hawaii at Manoa, is HAPPI-Home Flyer 16: Pet Waste Management. (In their defense: this is dated August 2000 and they might well be shocked to learn that it is floating around live on the World Wide Web in 2010.)

After some general background information, nasty facts about crap, and a list of do’s and don’ts comes the real meat of the document, the part that’s going to CHANGE OUR BAD BEHAVIOR: a worksheet to complete your very own Pet Poop Risk Assessment Analysis and Action Plan.


Complete the risk assessment table on page 2 to determine the water pollution risks from your pets’ wastes. For each category, choose the set of practices that best fits your situation. Then, at the bottom of page 2, develop an action plan to minimize water pollution hazard.

So how crappy are our pet practices? Let’s find out, as I share my completed Risk Assessment and Action Plan with all of you! (Click the image for a larger view.)

Nag About Water Savings the Modern, Twitter Way

I’m old fashioned, I guess… my method of encouraging conservation around the house involves nag, nag and nag some more. I’ve seen the light though via Jason Garland (jgarland79water on Twitter). His spiffy new water meter keeps careful tabs on water use, then sends out a seemingly never-ending series of tweets about it!

If a high annoyance level will motivate us to change our behavior, this ought to do the trick! Jason’s twitterfeed now boasts nearly 4,500 tweets, every single one of which reminds him of his daily and monthly totals.

Below, see Jason’s You Tube video showing the tweet-happy meter…which looks to me pretty similar to the old-style bill-mailing variety!

According to his You Tube page, his equipment source was http://www.watermeters.com/)

Rainy Days and Mondays

They always get me down! OK, not ALWAYS, but here’s a tool you’ll like if ambient nature sounds and “white noise” helps you focus and relax. The one-trick-pony website RainyMood.com does nothing but play a quality sound loop of a gentle rain, with the occasional thunder roll and bird chirps in the background. I’m feeling better already!

While you’re contemplating your virtual downpour, you might also load up this beautiful rain-themed desktop wallpaper complete with February calendar. This will help you focus on the coming weekend!

(Click the image for a 1680×1050 wallpaper, or go here and scroll down for other sizes.)