Math: Like Watching Water Drip

Here’s a good example of why I never did well in math coursework! This is just one video submitted for the Math Awareness Project. At nearly nine minutes, it is the abbreviated version! As the tantalizing introduction states, the video will take us along on a Math adventure in which,

“I’m going to count water dripping from my kitchen tap. When I’m through counting 1,000 drops I’ll measure it to see what quantity 1,000 drops is.”

At, we learn that the collaborative project intends to count to 1 Million and,

The purpose of this project is to bring ‘math awareness’ to the general public of the United States and to increase the number of our next generation of college students, grades K-12, majoring in the STEM sciences (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Good Job! This project should easily weed out any intellectual weaklings who lack unnatural focus or unreasonable perseverance!