The Great Pumpkin, Water Storage Version

The folks from Circleville, Ohio, sure know how to whip up some soaring enthusiasm for their annual Pumpkin Show, first held in 1903. (While it sounds quaint, it has grown into an extravaganza that attracts 400,000 visitors!)

The water tower, which holds a million gallons, was built in 1976 but it wasn’t until 1997 that it was painted to resemble a giant gourd. (The stem doesn’t really have a function, it was added for authenticity!)

Curious, semi-obscure fact: apparently, the water footprint of a pumpkin is similar to that of a cucumber, about 240 liters per kg. (Source) Perhaps someone who is a better number-slinger can calculate the water footprint of the 2009 Pumpkin Show “biggest pumpkin” winner. Dr. Bob Liggett set a new Pumpkin Show record this year with his 1,635.5 lb. winning entry.

Photo: Pickaway County Ohio State Extension