h2o mp3: Clear as Water – Una Mas Trio

If you are hosting any sort of gathering this weekend, Clear as Water is guaranteed to help you get the party started. The German group Una Mas Trio describes their music as “latin-boogaloo-driven”  both for listening and for the dance floor and is an intoxicating fusion of latin-world beats, jazz and soul.

The Mo’Horizons Restyle version of Clear as Water is from the March 2009 12″ single.

Free as a bird
Free as the wind
Clear like water
that flows from the mountain

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Low-fi 64 kbps for sampling

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  1. DannaReboredo
    DannaReboredo says:

    I am staying at “Pod” hotel in new york and while I was taking a shower this song comes up! I try to memorize all the song only to google it and find the group, I just love it ❤️

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