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  1. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    Great post… I was at the first earth day in ann arbor at chrysler arena in 1970. I started looking for THE symbol and finally found it on your site, thank you!
    i am disappointed with our progress over the past 40 years, but i do look to the future…

    thanks, j

  2. Dale Perozzo
    Dale Perozzo says:

    I have one of the first ecology flags, described below. I have owned it since 1979 and I am now interested in selling it to a museum. Can you tell me how I would go about doing this?

    This flag is one of a number of “ecology flags” developed in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The first such flag was simply the Stars and Stripes with its blue replaced by dark green and its red by light green. That design, made by the Paramount Flag Company of San Francisco in August 1967, flew at the famous People’s Park incident at the University of California in Berkeley. The colors symbolized “the pure air and green land tha was America once and that can be ours again if we take the action necessary to recover our heritage.”

  3. Gayle Leonard
    Gayle Leonard says:

    Very cool, and love the history! If it were me, I’d hold onto it; I don’t know off my head of an appropriate new “home” but who knows, maybe it will find you eventually! Dale, thanks for sharing.

  4. ed davis
    ed davis says:

    I also have one of the “rare” green and white ” flags.My wife to be bought it for me instead of the flag with the “e” .As a matter of interest,once down in South Carolina ,on a camping trip,Iflew this flag at my site,and it drew alot of comments ,back in the earky 1970’s.I would not get rid of it for anything,hold on to it.

  5. Scraper
    Scraper says:

    What a load. He drew a picture of the Earth with an equator, flattened it (probably as a result of a drug induced bleary-eyedness causing him to hold his head down low near the table and thereby see his circular drawing as an elipse) and published it. When it took off he produced a storyline to make it sound like genius.
    Give me a break.

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