Can Water Cut It? See For Yourself!

Will it Blend, Will it Flush, Will the foolishness ever end? Hope not!

We’re written previously about the “Will it Flush?” video, a toilet version of the hugely-popular “Will it Blend” promotional stunt.

Now comes from “Can Water Cut It?” a series in which “Flowman” (described as “the man behind the safety glasses” on the website) demonstrates the raw power of an ultra-high-pressure Flow waterjet to cut an assortment of unlikely objects.

But we’re setting Flowman apart from the other will-it-imitate videos, as he has the interesting idea to cut… a blender! And what a fine, clean cut it is!

The website states “Waterjets can cut almost ANYTHING! Give us your ideas! What do YOU want to see water cut?”

Well, let’s see… the federal deficit? My weight? Red tape? How about “the crap” or “a rug?” What, you have some better ideas?