Portland tap water really sticks with you

Think you can out-sticker me? Trying to get yourself on the map? Go ahead and try! Don’t have a sticker, you say? No excuse because I’ve scanned one for you! Download a pdf copy here and print off your own. Then, snap a photo of Portland Water’s “I Only Drink Tap Water” sticker in your town and email it to Jennie Day-Burget at the Portland Water Blog. Just remember I was first.

To digest a long and funny story as briefly as possible,

  1. I read The Portland Water Blog (you should, too–hugely informative and entertaining!)
  2. PWBlogmistress Jennie Day-Burget writes on the Blog that, “Our ‘I Only Drink Tap Water’  sticker was seen all the way in Berkeley, California!”
  3. PWBlogmistress generously offers to send stickers to other Blog-fans who request them.
  4. I, of course, request some and PWBlogmistress mails some stickers to me.
  5. I think, well… I live in Kansas City, so I can outdo Berkeley, California distance-wise. And then…

We put the sticker on our town’s beloved Kansas City Scout, photographed it, and sent it to the PWBlogmistress who shared it with the people of Portland!

Awesome! But wait a minute. Someone’s sure to try to outdo me! Maybe you? See the top of the post.

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  1. timothy
    timothy says:

    It is terrific to work to get people off of bottled water. But there is a LOT of research that shows the health risks of drinking the chemicals added to municipal water. Portland Oregon has held out and is one of the few cities not adding fluoride. But most places do, in addition to chlorine. Some now also add ammonia, to make the chlorine last longer. Chlorine serves a purpose – to kill the living things that are in the water. Does that mean you want to drink it?

    Do some research. There are many extreme views out there – but also a great deal of research and reason.

    Get a water filter to remove the chemicals from your drinking water. Carry your own water bottles.

    http://www.friendsofwater.com for more information and links to other sites.

    We hear from people all the time who are addressing health problems by eliminating the chemical intake.

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