Our stimulus check has arrived!

The needs of the public for a steady stream of water weirdness greatly outstrip the resources of this little blog. Plus, as it is now, it only creates one part-time job–and not even a paid one! With this stimulus shot-in-the-arm, we’re laptop-ready to hit the ground keyboarding. The first 10 e-mailers are hired!

Actually, this check is some obvious fakery from www.bankofobama.org where you can send your friends and enemies free virtual “stimulus checks” or a snail-mail paper check for just a couple bucks. It took 2 MBAs and 1 Geek to conceive and launch the site, which declares:

Bail out a friend today! Bad mortgage, student loan, credit card debt, Vegas trip…you know someone who needs a personal bailout for it.  Bank of Obama believes everyone should get their share of the stimulus package.

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