©Associated Press: We Want to See that Beaver!

It was a tweet from WaterWired that alerted us:

Following quickly along, we tiny-url’d ourselves right over the the Christian Science Monitor:

The first beaver sighting in the Detroit River in at least 75 years has been hailed by wildlife officials as a sign that efforts to clean up the waterway are paying off. The animal was spotted by a utility company motion-sensitive camera.

Neat! But no picture! I’m a visual person, I’ve just got to see that caught-on-tape, homesteading beaver! On to Google, where I find 200-some stories, and…one picture? And when I have a look, I see why. The single photo is from Associated Press, an organization that’s quickly gaining a notorious reputation for crabbiness when others reproduce their content unaccompanied by a check. So I, too, cannot show you the photo of the beaver in question.

Instead, I’ve drawn it for you! (Now you see why I write for living, despite my Art degree.) No rights reserved at all, reproduce this all you like, and please don’t feel the need to blame credit me!

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